Macaron pop its fidget toy

Wholesale Pop It Fidget Toy with various Shapes is easy to play. Just pop the bubble down and it makes a slight popping sound, then flip the fidget toy over and start again. It helps you effectively relieve stress.


Ages 3-10+, 1-2 Players.


Customized, Macaron




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OPP bag

Details about Macaron pop its fidget toy

Product Details:

Wholesale POP It Fidget Toy Supplier Description:

  1. Forylife is a professional manufacturer of plastic injection and stamping toys in China with 10 years of experience. We produce all kinds of pop it fidget toys. At present, we have hundreds of designs. Has helped 58 companies expand more market shares around the world.
  2. The raw material of our products is high-quality environmentally friendly silica gel, which is safe and durable.
  3. This sensory fidget toy is easy to play with, just press the mouse down and they make a slight popping sound; then flip it over and start again! Tips: you can find some gameplay in the pictures.
  4. Train the mental arithmetic ability and overall planning ability, prevent brain degeneration, promote the communication between parents and children, and enhance the relationship.
  5. Fast production time 2-7 working days depends on the order quantity and design.
  6. Our products have passed EN71, EC DOC, CPC, FDA and ROHS tests.
  7. Top-rated POP It Fidget Toy quick delivery by DHL/ FedEx/ UPS/ TNT express.

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