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How to Find a Manufacturer or Supplier for pop it fidget toys?

This year, the madness of POP IT toys within TIKTOK I believe we have all seen.

It reminds us of the fidget spinner craze in 2017, and now POP IT has this trend in a big way.

So now it is a wise choice to choose a product like POP IT to do business.

So how do we choose a POP IT supplier again?

Here are our suggestions.

First, you need to understand your business model.

1.1, eBay, Shopify,wish (Suppliers for online store)

What all three e-commerce platforms have in common is to ensure as much diversity of products as possible. This means that a seller’s store has many kinds of products and the store has many stocks.

Large sellers can easily purchase and maintain a large inventory of products. However, small and medium-sized sellers do not have high order volumes because in the initial stages, sellers must test the waters and evaluate the market response to the products they offer. Only a small amount of inventory is needed to test the market for each product. After a period of sales analysis, a large amount of inventory can be purchased for items that have a good response.

So, in this case, should you visit the manufacturer directly to buy the product? Of course not! The best way is to contact some online wholesalers and buy a small amount of products to test the market. And Aliexpress is the best place to start.

Yes, I don’t recommend Alibaba here because Alibaba suppliers generally have very high minimum order amounts. The product must be purchased for at least $1000 or more. For example, if you just want to place an order worth $300-500 or less, trust me, most Alibaba suppliers will not accept such a small order. Even if you meet some suppliers who are willing to work with you, you will not get the offer you want.

Also, if you need some fulfillment services like Shopify, Alibaba is not a good choice as this large B2B site does not offer such services. DHgate, AliExpress or some factory site accept small MOQ is the right choice for you.

1.2, Amazon Sellers 

Amazon’s marketing principles are fundamentally different from the three e-commerce platforms mentioned above. Amazon is committed to providing a great experience for its users in terms of both product and customer service. Therefore, the success mantra here is :

Good product + Right marketing strategy = Good Ranking

So, for Amazon sellers, a good product and a stable supply chain is crucial for you to start your business. You should be more careful when looking for suppliers. If you are an Amazon seller and read this part, I am sure you will be deeply moved. I have young clients who sell only one or two products on Amazon and have already made their first bucket of money.

It is worth noting that if you are looking for a supplier on Alibaba, many Alibaba China suppliers will give you a starting order amount of even up to $3,000. Don’t give up, try to communicate with the supplier and usually, there is some wiggle room. You can get a much smaller minimum quantity, but it will mean the price could be 20% higher.

If the supplier is reliable and the quality of the subsequent product is guaranteed, then I suggest not caring too much about the starting price. Once the listed sales volume is stable, you can slowly increase your minimum transaction volume to lower your unit cost and accelerate your profit.

In addition to finding suppliers on Alibaba, you can also attend some of the exhibitions in China. Visiting China allows you to communicate directly with suppliers, which can lead to better deals, and you may also find some unique products that are not available on Alibaba.

Of course, most exhibitions are suspended now because of theCOVID-19, so I suggest you can google search for some factories that can accept small MOQ, try to cooperate in small quantities at the beginning, and slowly increase the quantity. This is a guarantee for both sides.

1.3, Importers

As an importer, since the number of imports is not small, that puts a high demand on the professionalism of the supplier. At this time I suggest you better find the best factory in the industry.

Because the factory has been rooted in the industry for many years, it has a good understanding of the development history of the product, the production process, the changes in the design scheme, and the latest popular design scheme.

If you can find such a good factory in the industry, and they also provide 7/24 hours of excellent service, it is a very worry-free and cost-effective thing for you.

1.4 Develop a product based on your own ideas

POP IT toys as the latest popular toys, the production process is not too complicated, so this also leads to its popularity will continue to change. If you are looking to develop your own products, then working with an excellent factory in the industry is a perfect choice.

Because as a factory, it works with customers in at least dozens of countries, it understands product design changes very well, and can quickly turn your proposal into reality, and may also be able to propose some better improvement plans.

At this time, if the factory’s service is very in place, always in the market’s point of view, and think of all kinds of ways to turn your program into reality, then this excellent factory will be a good choice for you.

1.5 Importers who open local supermarket chains 

As a supermarket chain, what is needed most is nothing more than.

A, best-selling products

B, stable and safe product quality.

C, a factory that can withstand large production capacity

D, excellent and detailed pre-sales, sales and after-sales service

E, full support of payment term

Whether you are working with a big trader or a big factory, one of the five items mentioned above is indispensable. As a professional toy manufacturer for 12 years, we have developed from a trader to a big factory, and our current situation is

A, we have cut into the R&D and production of POP IT fidget toys products since the beginning of 2021, and we are very familiar with this product throughout the company.

B, all of our products are made of environmentally friendly materials, and provide at least 1 year warranty.

C, We have 2 production lines dedicated to POP IT toys and 5 other production lines available in case of urgent orders.

D, Our business team is available 7/24 to provide you with excellent service.

E, We can provide billing support.

Looking forward to working with you!

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